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Synchronized Swimming – met Stefanie Verhoef

Jewellery is a blend of crafts and instincts. Jewellers swim in intricate patterns of material combinations and techniques. Each has its own identity, its own world; But, once in the Pool the strengths merge together and the choreography begins…

After getting a new skin in October with an interior renovation, The Pool will open its doors for our Obsessed! exhibition “Synchronised Swimming” in November.

WHEN | November 10 – November 28, 2021

TIME | 16:00 – 19:00

WHERE | The Pool, Grimburgwal 4

WHO | The Pool Collective, among other kunstRUIM-er Stefanie Verhoef

The opening of the Pool Party is on Wednesday, November 10, from 16:00-19:00.

Synchronised Swimming is a team sport, we will host exclusive collaborations between the Pool’s members and their guests. Synchronicities will create a spectacle of fantasy, community & underwater creativity.

The Pool Collective – Caroline Bach, Ela Bauer, Marguerite Bones, Paul Derrez, Morgane de Klerk, Lindsey Fontijn, Alex Gasparis, Gabriella Goldsmith, Floor Mommersteeg, Q Hisashi Shibata, Thea Tolsma, Chloe Valorso, Stefanie Verhoef, Andrea Wagner & Collabs !


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